Cement Industry The cement plant refractory

The cement plant have always required specialized refractories – especially now, when more and more alternative fuels are used. This is where we excel - our refractory products improve profitability for cement manufacturers since We deliver refractory solutions that perform better, last longer, and give you lower refractory cost per ton of clinker produced – especially if you are burning alternative fuels.


  • Cyclones and connecting ducts
  • Calciner
  • Riser ducts and connecting ducts
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Meal Pipes
  • Klin

  • Inlet cone
  • Inlet zone
  • Safety Zone
  • Upper Transition Zone
  • Burning Zone
  • Lower Transition Zone
  • Cool Zone and nose ring
  • Klin Hood
  • Coolers and TAD

  • Grate Cooler
  • Tertiary Air Ducts