Petrochemical IndustryRefractory Linings in
Petrochemical Industry

VIG supplies services for thermal processing units, treatment plants, incinerators and waste disposal facilities in petrochemical industry. Depending on the specific loading conditions, the appropriate lining materials are used in rotary tube furnaces and in sulphur and thermal oxidation units.


  • Refractory linings in sulphur combustion furnaces
  • Refractory linings in recycling plants
  • Refractory linings in carbon black reactors
  • Refractory linings in titanium oxide production plants
  • POX reactors

  • complete fibre linings
  • combination linings with formed materials
  • Hydrocracking Reactor

  • Thermal insulation
  • Refractory lining
  • Fireproofing

  • Steel structures
  • Tanks and colums
  • Pipelines