Refrences Selected Industrial


List of rafinery projects:

  • Mantazas, Cuba - Pipe lines and tanks
  • Lendava, Slovenia - Toping furnaces vacuum and pressure distillation, kilns
  • Zaulzi, Czech Republic - Cold and hot insulation of the plant, 55.000 m2
  • Schwedt Germany - Refractory lining of regenerator, separators of FCC kiln, aromatics kiln and CO-boiler, 780t Thermal, cold and anti-corrosive insulation of the plant, 320.000 m2
  • Al.Kaim, Iraq - Refractory lining of preheater- and reactor kiln, thermal, cold and acoustic insulation of pipe-lines, equipment, ducts and tanks, 70.000 m2
  • EDEA Cameroon - Refractory lining of kiln and boiler
  • Urengoi Uzgorod, Russia - Thermal and acoustic insulation of the station 7.000 m2
  • Saveh, Iran - Thermal insulation 6.500 m2
  • Böhlen, Germany - Thermal and acoustic and cold insulation of the plant, Equipment, pipe-lines, kilns and tanks 42.000 m2. Thermal insulation of steam boiler 5.500 m2
  • Bratislava, Slovakia - Thermal insulation of the plant 10.000 m2
  • Pancevo, Serbia - Refractory lining 1900t Thermal insulation 4600 m2 of Reactor, regenerator, 2 FCC kilns, flue ducts catalitic pipe-lines, CO-boiler