Shipbuilding IndustryThermal and Acoustic marine

It is considered that anyone who can excel in the field of shipbuilding insulation, has mastered every aspect of the art of insulation. We have created ourselves a name in the field of shipbuilding insulation for many years now by installing thermal, acoustic and fire insulation for cabins, as well as the insulation and tracing of pipework and exhaust ducts. Proof of our workmanship can be found both nationally and internationally, on passenger yacchts, ships and tankers

    We are professional in:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Deckpipes
  • Triggergas
  • Turnkey interior solutions

  • Individualistic furnishings
  • Internal decorations
  • Assembly of interior furniture and fittings
  • Movable walls assembly
  • Bathrooms assembly